Lycanthropy is a supernatural disease that causes it’s victim to transform into a crazed half-human half-wolf upon being exposed to the moonlight of a full moon. In addition to the physical transformation, a typical werewolf will lose their ability to reason and think like themselves. They do not recognize friend or foe, and will be sent into an uncontrollable frenzy.

While there are definitely exceptions, the vast majority of werewolves are not werewolves by choice. When a human is subjected to a direct bite from a werewolf that penetrates their bloodstream, there is a high likelihood that the disease will be transferred to them. Currently, there is no known cure to lycanthropy.

Werewolves, when in their wolf form, display an incredible regenerative quality. Because of this, they are nearly impossible to kill while transformed. Monster hunters have discovered, however, that silvered weapons have a nullifying effect on the regeneration.



Muscular anthropomorphic wolfVulnerable to silverQuick regeneration


  • +3 Muscular (Athletics and Physique)
  • +2 Hunt (Notice and Fight)
  • +1 Rage (Will)



[1] • [2] • [3]

Mild consequence [2]



Werewolves will truly never die unless exposed to silver. Attacks that do not involve silver (silver bullets, a silver-coated blade, etc.) can deal stress and consequences to the werewolf, but cannot take it out. At the beginning of each of the werewolf’s turns, if it was not exposed to silver in the previous round, it unchecks its lowest checked stress box

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