“It’s the same old story every time. Accidental exposure. Whether it be due to some spill during transportation, a bio-reactor meltdown, or some experiment gone awful. The subject is subjected to the substance. A, B, C, bing, bang, bam. The substance, which the government still hasn’t named, slips into the victim’s bloodstream and they experience rapid mutation. Half of them die of cancer. But the other half? Oh, oh.

The other half reacts, god knows why, with more synergy than a C-suite business meeting. Victims grow limbs, develop supernatural strength or speed, and pick up a special little penchant for destruction. Loonies, all of them. Then, the government sends in their goons to wrap things up all real nice with a bow. No one will hear a peep.

That’s where I come in. Now, if you’re all out of questions; you’re under arrest.”



Mutated victim of an unnamed substanceA minor case of very bad cancerThe government’s dirty little secretPenchant for destruction


  • +2 Rage (Fight)
  • +1 Resistance (Will)



[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]
Mild consequence [2]


Something extra

Every mutant is different. This mutant gains two of the following skills, with an aspect of the same name. If the same skill is added twice, the higher value applies :+4 Bulging muscles (Physique)+3 Prehensile tail (Burglary and Athletics)+4 Overactive adrenal glands (Athletics)+3 Extra set of arms (Athletics and Physique+3 X-ray vision (Notice and Investigate)+3 Slime excretion (Burglary and Provoke)+3 Pheromones excretion (Rapport and Contacts)+4 Active camouflage (Stealth

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