Enjoyment Maximizer

FunJoy Toy-Works, a relatively small toy company based in North Carolina, set out on the ambitious mission to create a toy that plays with you when you play with it. Utilizing cutting edge technology, each of these toys was composed of a handful of small nanobots smart enough to change shape and react to their owner.

A few months before the toy’s launch, a large investor caught wind of the project. They offered a large sum of money for a cut of the company. Realizing that this was an opportunity to perfect the product, FunJoy’s owner accepted the offer. The next few months saw large, sweeping improvements to the toy, making them smarter and cheaper to produce. With little reason for concern, the product shipped to stores around the world shortly after.

The public became aware of the problem once large quantities of the toy gathered at retail locations. The nanobot clusters were smart enough to combine with one another, increasing their processing power and capabilities. Soon, a myriad swarms of nanobots formed across the globe with the sole goal of maximizing fun for everyone in sight.

Enjoyment Maximizer


Self-Replicating Nanobot ClusterMust Optimize FunExperimental Children's Toy Gone WrongAlgorithmic Protocols


  • +4 Circumstance Triage System (Notice)
  • +3 Shifting Nanobot Cluster (Physique and Athletics)
  • +2 Displeasure Elimination Protocol (Fight and Provoke)
  • -3 Heavy Handed Machinery (Stealth and Empathy)



[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mild consequence [2]



The enjoyment maximizer can assimilate mechanical and electrical equipment from its surroundings into itself. On the enjoyment maximizer's turn in a conflict, it may forgo its free movement to create an aspect related to a piece of machinery it has pulled into its shifting mass of nanobots. It does not get a free invoke for this aspect. It may only have 3 aspects in play from this ability at a time.


The enjoyment maximizer can break down metal to perform self-replication. On its turn in a conflict, if the enjoyment maximizer currently has 3 aspects from its ‘Retrofit’ stunt active, it may shed all of them to clear its mild consequence box

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