Squibimps are small, humanoid-shaped creatures that crawl and bound from place to place. They have insect-like mandibles and scaly skin. They love to take what isn’t theirs, and have a penchant for bad luck.

Luck Leech. The squibimp’s primary source of sustenance is the misfortune of others. Because of this, these creatures live and thrive wherever bad luck can be found. It is common for squibimps to lurk in the darkness of crowded alleys at night, or just beyond the edges of forests, waiting for a chance to sow chaos. If a squibimp cannot find a healthy source of misfortune, they will go out of their way to cause it themselves.

Impulsive Collectors. The only thing a squibimp likes as much as misfortune is a nice shiny object. These rambunctious critters will seize every opportunity to steal something that they find pretty and leap away, with little regard for others. Squibimps don’t understand the concept of cleaning, and will discard their loot as soon as it collects too much grime.

Elusive and Resourceful. When confronted by someone trying to stop them, squibimps have proven to be quite resourceful, using the environment around them to stave off their pursuers. They will knock things over, spill things, and move through tight spaces just to avoid capture. They are also surprisingly competent when it comes to goading their chasers into taking a wrong turn.



Bringer of bad luckHard to pin downShiny-thing connoisseur


  • +4 Badger (Provoke)
  • +4 Exactly what I needed (Resources)
  • +3 Kleptomania (Burglary)
  • +3 Tricky (Deceive)
  • +3 Energetic (Athletics)
  • +3 Deft (Stealth)




Mild consequence [2]



When the squibimp hits with a Provoke attack it can chose to goad the target instead of inflicting mental stress. The target of the goad will attempt to move one zone in a direction of the squibimp’s choosing. A target cannot be goaded into moving directly into harm's way; for example, jumping off of a cliff or running into a fire.

Friend of fate

All fate points spent in a scene with a squibimp go directly to the squibimp. If there are multiple squibimps in a scene, it goes to one randomly.

Way of the cricket

The squibimp can climb and stick to flat surfaces with ease; even upside-down. The squibimp can also leap its entire movement distance

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