Tina, The Uncaged

In the depths of teenager Kyle Jeffington’s basement level room, dim light flickers from an overhead bulb that hasn’t been switched off in far too long. Piles of dirty clothing lay scattered in mounds throughout the room. A bittersweet odor hangs in the air. Kyle himself lay on his back on the floor beside the bed, his eyes wide but looking at nothing. He breathes, but when a fly lands on his forehead he does not move.

In the center of the room, resting on Kyle’s bed as if it were a pedestal, sits a jumbo sized hamster cage. The weight of it has caused the mattress to bow inward. The top of the cage is wide open. Inside, a nearly full bag of hamster food spills out of a haphazardly created opening. Beneath a gaudy pink piece of plastic shaped like the turret of a castle-scape, white eyes glow.

Tina, The Uncaged


Psionically Potent Dwarf HamsterJust A Wee ThingTelepathic Communicator


  • +5 Psionic Potential (Will)
  • +4 Commanding Presence (Empathy and Provoke)
  • +3 Zoomies (Athletics)
  • +2 Psionic Awareness (Notice)
  • +1 Human Thralls (Contacts)


Physical Stress


Mental Stress

[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mild Mental Consequence [2]


Induce Trance

Tina may use Psionic Potential (Will) to attack characters in the same zone as her. If a character would be taken out by such an attack, instead check all of their remaining mental stress boxes. They remain in the scene and gain the aspect Induced Trance. On their turn, if they still have this aspect, they cannot act on their own. At this time, Tina may roll an opposed Will check against them. On a success, Tina decides what they do on their turn. If Tina is taken out, the character is taken out, or the Induced Trance aspect is removed, the effect ends.

Tina, The Caged

A character may choose to take Tina as an extra for a cost of 2 refresh. Being owned causes Tina to lose some of her willpower, and in turn her psionic abilities. She gains the Rebellious aspect as a character aspect. Replace her skill list with the following (she does lose her bonus consequence slot):+3 Psionic Potential (Will+3 Zoomies (Athletics

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