“Fine, I’ll tells you, okay? It was a mimic. We had slayed the bloody beast that lived in the dungeon. The one we known about, anyway. We thought we was finished; the only thing left was to collect. Was a row of chests, left over from when this place was prison and not some forgotten hell-hole.

My mate already had his hands swimmin’ in a pile a’ random loot in one chest by the time I got to one myself. Only it weren’t no chest. It was a monstrous, fragglin’, tooth-filled, sticky mimic-thing. Once my sword hand was on it, it was too late: stuck fast. Only thing I could do to defend myself was stave off its rabid teeth with my off-hand. Heh. Off-hand it is, I guess.” - Survivor of a mimic attack



Shape-Changing PredatorPrimal UnintelligenceIndistinguishable While DisguisedAdhesive While Disguised


  • +4 Flawless Disguise (Deceive and Stealth)
  • +3 Toothy Chomp (Fight)



[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]



Mimics can shift their amorphous shape into that of nearly any object that is roughly the same size as them. Shape-changing mid-scene takes an action and is undone if the mimic is taken out. Their disguises can be visually complex but will lack any mechanical complexity due to the globular nature of their true form. Mimics will often imitate alluring objects to draw the eye of potential prey. While disguised, mimics get a +2 to Provoke and Rapport checks to influence those who are unaware of their true form.


To assist in hunting, the body of a mimic will become sticky while they are disguised. Any character that touches a disguised mimic will gain the Adhesion aspect to represent this. Until the aspect is removed, characters may not separate themselves from the mimic. Mimics may invoke the Adhesion aspect for free

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