Giant Snake

Ever since animals have walked the planet, mother nature has been twisting them into extreme concoctions. The snake is no exception to this rule. In the depths of misty swamps, in the dews of far off caves, and beneath the dirt of ancient forests, giant snakes live and hunt.

Like regular snakes, their giant cousins tote dangerous venom that they deliver in their bite. Unlike regular snakes, however, the giant variety poses some new threats due to its size. Giant snakes can use their impressive muscles to crush their prey. On occasion, stories have been told of giant snakes swallowing their victims before they’ve even been killed.

Giant Snake


Massive slithering reptileOne track mindUnhinging jawValuable scales


  • +5 Constrict (Physique)
  • +4 Ready (Notice)
  • +3 Bite (Fight)
  • +2 Slither (Athletics)
  • +1 Motionless (Stealth)



[1] • [2] • [3]

Mild physical consequence [2]
Moderate physical consequence [4]



When a giant snake inflicts stress with a Bite (Fight) attack, the defender gains the Poisoned aspect. Removing this aspect requires an overcome check with a difficulty equal to the shifts of physical stress inflicted in the attack. Additionally, the attack inflicts 1 shift of mental stress.


When a giant snake succeeds with style on a Bite (Fight) attack, they may forgo the normal benefits of a success with style, as well as the benefits gained from their Venom stunt. If they choose to do this, the target of the attack gets Swallowed.


When a giant snake attacks a target that they have created the Constricted aspect on, they may use Constrict (Physique) instead of Bite (Fight). This attack is not eligible for the benefits of the Venom or Swallow stunts

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