“Moons and full moons. I watched the ones I love slip into the darkness. My children have grown old and had children, who in turn had children of their own. My friends have either passed, or no longer recognize me. But the days continue to cycle. Moons and full moons. Many years I have had, reflecting. What I realized? I am eternal. And I am the end. Make peace with your families.” - Bokra Jakzi, Lich

Timeless bodies. When the vile magician finishes the wicked rite, they surrender their flesh for virtual immortality. Their skin turns to dust, and their bones harden into what feels like steel. They are no longer shackled by human needs like food and sleep, and become immune to disease and natural death. Lichdom is only achievable by the most powerful of necromantic magic. Once it is attained, the lich’s body turns into a powerful vessel for the vilest of spells.

Phylacteries. As part of the arcane ritual for becoming a lich, the necromancer crafts a number of phylacteries. The magical artifacts act as a sort of battery, keeping the soul of the lich alive despite the worst of fates. After a lich’s body is destroyed, any remaining phylacteries will animate a new corpse for the necromancer to inhabit. According to the clerics, the only way to destroy a lich fully is to first destroy his phylacteries.



Being of Unadulterated EvilBones of SteelTimeless


  • +4 Necromancy (Lore)
  • +3 Strong mind (Will, Investigate, and Deceive)
  • +2 Unholy body (Athletics and Physique)


Physical Stress

[1] • [2] • [3]

Mental Stress

[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]


Flesh rot

The lich may use Necromancy (Lore) in place of Fight and Shoot attack checks. If the lich hits with an attack this way, the shifts are dealt to physical and mental stress boxes. The lich may choose to pay a fate point to the target in order to uncheck all physical stress boxes equal to or lower than the amount of shifts of the attack.

Radiate pain

When the lich is dealt damage by an attack, it may force all of the enemies in its zone to make a Physique check with a difficulty equal to the shifts dealt in the attack. Each enemy that fails this check takes one shift of mental stress per shift of failure.

Undead minions

Every turn the lich may raise a number of undead minions equal to its highest checked stress box plus one. The lich may raise these minions in its zone or any adjacent zone. This does not use an action. See below for stats. For example, if the lich’s highest checked stress box was its [3] physical stress box, it would raise 4 undead minions on its turn using no action.


When a lich dies, it will be resurrected into a new body in 7 days if any of its phylacteries remain at that point. If a lich dies within 100 ft of one of its phylacteries, it will resurrect nearby within 1 hour

Undead Minion


Rotting flesh and dancing bonesFragile fury


  • +1 Mob (Fight)






A note for the GM: Liches are quite powerful. A party of four characters with the default stats and abilities will likely have a hard time taking one of these down without proper preparation and an escape plan. I would advise against pitting new players against this monster.

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