These towering creatures dine on carrion left behind by faster, more aggressive animals of their environment. When confronted they prefer to flee instead of fight, but if left with no choice they pack a punch.

Thick Carapace. Perhaps the most notable feature of the boulderillo is its massive carapace that covers it from nape to tail. This shell is made of banded plates that can easily slide over one another, allowing the boulderillo to curl up into a ball for protection on all sides. When threatened, the boulderillo will curl up and roll toward their predators. Due to their size, this tactic is often quite effective, forcing the predator to maneuver out of the way or be crushed.

Rocky Camouflage. The carapace of the boulderillo is colored to blend in with the environment where it lives. There are several species of boulderillo living in locations ranging from rocky deserts to mountains. Slight irregularities in the shell make it almost indistinguishable from stone.

Delicious Delicacy. Animals in the wild are not the only predators of boulderillos. Many of the humanoid races find the taste of boulderillo to be quite a treat. Boulderillo meat is chewy and tough but carries with it a sweet after-taste that lingers on the tongue. Many hunters make a living off of these elusive creatures, but not without the challenge that comes with it.



Armored carapaceAlertUngainly


  • +4 Armored carapace (Physique)
  • +3 Watchful (Notice)
  • +2 Claws (Fight)


Physical Stress

[1] • [2] • [3]

Mental Stress

[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]
Mild physical consequence [2]


Boulder roll

The boulderillo can use Physique in place of Fight if it moved into the target’s zone on the same turn via rolling.

Armored carapace

The boulderillo may defend against attacks using Physique, as long as it doesn’t have any aspects related to being flipped over or otherwise vulnerable. Additionally, if the boulderillo spends its action to stay curled up for the round, whenever it defends against an attack using Physique the outcome of the defense will be at least 4.

Rocky camouflage

A rolled up boulderillo looks almost identical to a boulder. It takes a Great (+4) difficulty Notice check to realize a curled boulderillo is not an ordinary boulder

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