“We were traveling for days through the hills and plains. We knew of the threat before setting off on our journey. We had hired protection to keep us and the shipment safe. Everything was set. We were told if the gnolls were going to attack it would happen suddenly and without warning. It was true, but not in the way we expected. For six days we saw the gnolls trailing us. Every time we got on a high enough hill or an open enough field, there they were, some hour or two behind us. With the threat looming, we started camping less and moving more.

It was too late before we realized what was happening. We were exhausted. One morning, in broad daylight, they arrived. The hired protection stood no chance. We had nearly a week of warning, and yet, the attack was unexpected as ever. I was the lucky one who survived.”



Feral upright hyenaFlesh eaterNo regard for life


  • +2 Slash (Fight)
  • +2 Sprint (Athletics)
  • +1 Throw (Shoot)
  • +1 Hunt (Notice)



[1] • [2]



When the gnoll takes out a target with an attack, it may move one zone and make a (Fight) attack. The gnoll may only use this ability once on its turn.

Play rough

When the gnoll successfully defends against a Fight attack, the attacker is dealt 1 physical stress

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