Face-stealers are said to be nasty, conniving creatures that feed on the emotions of their victims. They take the form of large, long centipede-like insectoids with the face of one of their victims appearing dishearteningly at their front end. They are native to planes other than the material plane, but it is rumored that a face-stealer may occasionally find it’s way there.

The reason for their sickening name is due to their habit of stealing the visage of those that stumble upon them. They pull the emotion and life from their victims, along with some of their memories. Face-stealers are bound magically to certain behaviors, the reason for which is as mysterious as their origin. Their most notable binding behavior is that they may not leech the life from someone until they have answered a question the face-stealer has posed. This can be any question, and the response can be anything as long as it answers their question.



Malevolent centipede-like aberrationBinding behaviorsStealer of FacesBurrower


  • +4 Emotional leech (Empathy)
  • +3 Skitter (Athletics)
  • +3 Question master (Deceive)
  • +2 Claws (Fight)
  • +2 Wild throws (Physique)



[1] • [2] • [3]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]



The face-stealer is a burrowing creature by nature, and can use this to its advantage to escape danger. After successfully defending against an attack using Skitter (Athletics), the face-stealer may burrow underground.

Scale walls

The face-stealer can walk along vertical and inverted surfaces without any difficulty.


The face-stealer can steal the visage of those it kills. When the face-stealer kills a character, it adds that character’s face to its growing repertoire of faces. As an action, the face-stealer can swap out its current face with one it has access to. While donning a face, the face-stealer has access to the highest ranked skill the character possessed while living. It may use this skill at the same rank the character had it.

Emotional leach

The face-stealer can drain life and emotion from characters in certain cases. It may only do this to characters that have answered at least one question it has asked. The face-stealer may use Emotional leech (Empathy) to make attacks against characters in the same zone as it, provided they have answered one of the face-stealer’s questions. Stress inflicted by this attack is applied to both physical and mental stress tracks if both exist.

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