Night Spine

The night spine is a large nocturnal herbivore that roams the night foraging for food. It resembles a hefty porcupine with a charcoal black hide.

Sedative Spines. These brutes are covered from the back of their necks to the base of their tales in sharp, outward facing spines. The tip of each of these spines secretes a strong sedative meant to subdue any would-be attackers the night spine encounters. With a quick muscle contraction the night spine can launch a spine from its back into a foe, rendering them bloody, and in most cases, unconscious.

Territorial. Night spine live in solitude. They are quite territorial, and their excellent hearing often forces the surrounding animals into silence out of fear for disturbing them. It is common for the night spine to feign that they do not know the presence of other creatures, only to attack suddenly and without relent.

Lucrative. While most people avoid a run in with a night spine when they can, some go out of their way to hunt them. Their hide can fetch a modest price, and their spines often sell as a novelty. The real prize, however, is the secretion from their spines, which can be processed into a salve to treat insomnia and other symptoms to common ailments.

Night Spine


Large spiny herbivoreImmobile / immovable


  • +5 Excellent hearing (Notice)
  • +4 Tough hide (Physique)
  • +4 Spit spine (Shoot)
  • +3 Stubborn spirit (Will)



[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mild consequence [2]


Sleep spine

After a target is hit by the night spine’s Shoot attack, they must make a Physique check with a Fair (+2) difficulty. If they fail, they fall unconscious. If they succeed, they gain the Sleepy aspect.


Immediately after the night spine is attacked for the first time in a scene, it may Fight or Shoot the attacker.

Will to live

If the night spine has at least two stress boxes checked it may spit spine (Shoot) an additional spine on any turn it would Fight or Shoot

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