Jigjaw Fish

A jigjaw is a type of enormous fish that lives beneath the open ocean. They are carnivorous, spending the majority of their time seeking out other fish they can lure to their demise. Jigjaw fish sport a large, bioluminescent appendage that rests within their mouths. Much like an anglerfish, the jigjaw fish uses this glowing appendage to lure curious animals toward their open, razor-sharp jaws. Once their prey is close enough, they open their massive maws with intense speed, pulling in the surrounding water with vacuum-like suction.

Jigjaw fish have been known to seek out a variety of different prey, ranging from small fish, to whales, to humans. Some believe a jigjaw will eat any animal that crosses their path, while others claim the jigjaw simply wants a bit of variety in their diet. Sailors who are not privy to the existence of jigjaw fish risk falling into the same trap as any other prey, seeing a curious glowing light just beneath the surface of the water and approaching to investigate.

Jigjaw Fish


Massive Salt-Water FishTaste For Exotic PreyBrightly Glowing In-Mouth AppendageCarnivorous Hunter


  • +4 Razor-Jaw (Fight)
  • +3 Glowing Lure (Provoke)
  • +3 Muscular (Physique)


Physical Stress

[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mental Stress

[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]


Water Vacuum

When a jigjaw fish makes a Razor-Jaw (Fight) attack in water, it may target any number of characters in its zone, provided they are also in the water. It rolls the attack once, but targets defend individually. Before choosing targets, it may choose an adjacent zone that is also filled with water. Characters in that water must make a difficulty 2 overcome roll with Physique or be pulled into the Jigjaw’s zone.

Rip and Tear

When a jigjaw fish attacks a target that is in a vessel or structure rather than in the water, it will often damage it in the process. If the jigjaw rolls a 4 or higher on a Razor-Jaw (Fight) attack against someone in a vessel or structure, regardless of the defense roll, it may create an aspect on said vessel/structure to represent the damage dealt.

Flight Reflex

Upon receiving mental stress, a jigjaw fish will attempt to run away

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