Foxlotls are small, amphibious creatures who live amongst forests and near lakes. They have short, white fur that gets slick after taking a swim. These critters live in packs that vary wildly in size. Packs survive through a mixture of scavenging for food and pack-hunting other fauna in their environment.

Foxlotls prefer to use stealth and surprise when taking down a target. They would much rather press the advantage they gain through their unique distraction tactics than engage a target out in the open. While they usually stick to smaller prey, it’s not unheard of for them to attempt an attack on something larger. When their attempts fail, however, the pack will quickly scatter back into hiding.



Amphibious Forest-Dwelling CritterReflexes Over FerocityHighly RegenerativeSmall Pack Hunter


  • +3 Foxlotl-like Reflexes (Athletics)
  • +2 Misdirection (Stealth)
  • +1 Furr-Covered Thief (Burglary)



[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]



A foxlotl’s muscle tissue can quickly regenerate on a small scale, keeping it sharp for longer. At the beginning of it’s turn in a conflict, if it has not taken any stress since it’s last turn, a foxlotl unchecks its lowest checked stress box (if any).


Foxlotls, given enough time, can regenerate entire portions of their body. At the end of any scene, if a foxltol has a mild consequence representing a physical wound, they may get rid of it.

Misdirection Pack-Hunting

Foxlotl packs prefer to take their targets by surprise using misdirection. A foxlotl has +2 to Misdirection (Stealth) and Furr-Covered Thief (Burglary) rolls against a character who has already noticed a different foxlotl in the scene. This bonus goes away for the remainder of the scene once the foxlotl has been seen

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