Radio Worm

Radio worms are a virtually unexplainable anomaly of the auditory variety. They are entities without body which move from electronic device to electronic device, broadcasting their entrancing transmissions. Some radio worms broadcast unwritten, soothing melodies, while others transmit boring talk shows that never really existed. These sounds have a dampening effect on the minds of those within earshot, making them susceptible to suggestion.

It is unclear if radio worms are intelligent or have any goals other than survival. In the rare cases where someone is aware of the radio worm’s presence, the worm will do what it can to continue broadcasting.

Radio Worm


Audiopathic AnomalySurvival FirstMysterious Origins Unknowable Goals


  • +4 Earworm (Provoke)
  • +3 Transmission (Crafts)
  • +1 Shrill Resonance (Fight & Shoot)


Audio Stress

[1] • [2] • [3]


Broadcast Transmission

Radio worms live in the devices that broadcast their sounds, as well as in the sounds themselves. They use this as their primary mode of transportation. In place of a normal movement, a radio worm may transmit itself into any device in the scene which has the ability to transmit audio. When they do this, the device they were inhabiting ceases to play their noises, and the new one begins where it left off.


Hearing the radio worm’s broadcast can lull a listener into a trance. People who can hear the radio worm have a -2 to Notice and Investigation rolls. Additionally, the radio worm may use an action to attempt to sway a listener into action. To do so, they make an overcome roll with Earworm (Provoke) which may be opposed by the listener. If they succeed, the GM may compel any aspect on the target for free, provided it is a ‘decision’ compel.

Drown Out

A radio worm anomaly can only exist as long as it’s sounds are emanating from some audio source. The only way to hurt the radio worm is to muffle it’s noises or drown it out with something louder. Attacks against it must take one of these forms or have no effect. The radio worm defends against such attacks with Transmission (Crafts) as it attempts to make itself louder. Destroying the device that is emitting the radio worm’s sounds will defeat it at the end of its next turn, provided it could not find another device to inhabit via its Broadcast Transmission stunt.

Audio Degradation

As the radio worm is drowned out and harmed, the quality of its audio signal begins to degrade and become harsher to the ears. For each filled audio stress box, the radio worm gains a +1 bonus on Shrill Resonance (Fight or Shoot) rolls and a -1 penalty on Earworm (Provoke) rolls

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