“That is a great question. The truth is, we simply do not know if the creature exists. All we have heard are wives tales and all we have read are story books. It could be the case that the elusive cuddlebug is merely a myth. But very real creatures have been considered myth in the past, that is, until we discovered them for real.” - Golen Diffney, Magical Historian

Without form. Of all the reports that have been collected, no two witnesses describe the cuddlebug as appearing the same. In every situation, however, the witness will describe the cuddlebug as the cutest little creature they have seen. It is believed that the cuddlebug will probe the mind of those it is in contact with and change its appearance to what the victim thinks is cute.

Social parasite. While the exact origin of the cuddlebug is a mystery, it is quite clear that the creature’s goal is survival. The cuddlebug will embed itself into any group that is both willing and capable of protecting it. In general it won’t harm the group that is helping it, or even ask for much. However, if someone in the group shows signs of wanting to get rid of the cuddlebug, it will gladly turn the members of the group against one another to preserve it’s spot.



Dangerously cute little guyDifficult to disagree withWordless communication


  • +3 Aww! (Rapport)
  • +2 What’s wrong? (Provoke)
  • +2 Harmless little guy… (Deceive)
  • +1 Look, it understands! (Empathy)
  • +1 You know, you’re right… (Will)


Physical Stress

[1] • [2]

Mental Stress

[1] • [2] • [3]



Twice per scene, the cuddlebug can spend an action flaunting its cute self to try to change someone’s mind. The cuddlebug makes an Aww! (Rapport) roll contested by a Will check from the target. If it succeeds, the target magically changes their mind to agree with the cuddlebug.

Everybody’s best friend

Anyone who has been in contact with the cuddlebug for more than a day will begin to regard it as a close friend or ally. They will do what they can to keep the cuddlebug safe, even going as far as to value it over themselves or allies. In situations where someone or their ally would be harmed in an attempt to protect the cuddlebug, they may make a Good (+3) difficulty Will check to resist the cuddlebug’s charm. If they succeed, they not only will resist letting themselves or an ally be harmed, but they will also realize they have been magically influenced by the cuddlebug

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