“Does it like to wrestle? Hah! Thrashing is its favorite activity! I tell you what, ol’ Hammersteed here was no easy wrangle. He threw me into a wall, and almost pierced me through my chest. But compared to the rest, riding this thing was easy; it’s the mother and father you have to worry about!” - Arvus Bonegut, Dragonknight

Massive Reptiles. Rhino-lizards are a breed of omnivorous reptiles that grow to be quite large. When born they are two to three feet long, and during adulthood they peak at around fifteen to twenty feet long. These lizards get their name from the large horns they have on the front of their skull. They use this horn to fight off competitors as well as dig through tough dirt underground.

Volcanic Cave Dwellers. Rhino-lizards live in deep cave systems that provide them warm rock to lounge around on. Because of this, the majority of rhino-lizards live in volcanic locations, taking advantage of the heat that nearby magma provides. Rhino-lizards live in small families from two to four members, and are very rarely seen alone or in groups larger than that.



Muscular reptileSharp-horned skullHeat-resistant hideHeavy handed


  • +5 Muscles (Physique)
  • +3 Reflexes (Athletics)
  • +3 Tooth and tail (Fight)



[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mild consequence [2]


Horned parry

If the result is tied when the rhino-lizard is defending against a Fight check, the attacker takes one point of physical stress.


When the rhino-lizard succeeds with style on a Fight check, it may knock the target into an adjacent zone.

Thick hide

When defending against attacks from blunt weapons, the rhino-lizard may defend using Physique.


The rhino-lizard may use its action to thrash. It makes a Fight check targeting all other characters in the zone. All characters that fail to defend against this check get pushed into an adjacent zone of the rhino-lizard’s choice

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