Icy the Snowman

“Icy the Snowman was an angry, snappy snow.”

Artifacts of Snow Enchantment. Before the second great war of the North Pole, Santa’s Elven artificers took up the mantle of creating the perfect weapon to help defend his realm from the Gingerbread menace. What better magics would there be than ones that pulled the very snow from the earth? A series of artifacts were forged at places of great power: a scarf at the heart of the gumdrop forest, a corncob pipe in the depths of the icy lakes of Jack Frost’s domain, a hat in the caves of the abominable snowbeasts, among others. These artifacts were meant to turn constructions of snow into living, fighting, weapons of war. Some were more successful than others.

Icy the Snowman


Living livid snowmanMade of snowProduct of magic


  • +3 Snowmanship (Crafts)
  • +3 Frozen blades (Fight)
  • +2 Snowball (Shoot)
  • +2 Eyes of coal (Notice)



[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mild consequence [2]


Pack snow

Icy can absorb the snow from the ground as he maneuvers through the battlefield. When Icy moves from a zone with snow to another zone with snow, he clears his lowest checked stress box.


Icy the Snowman is particularly efficient in raining down snow upon his enemies. Each turn, Icy can make one Snowball (Shoot) attack without using his action.

Transmute water

Icy can transmute water between the states of liquid, snow, and ice. When he creates an advantage related to water, snow, or ice, he gets an extra free invoke.

Corn cob pipe

When Icy is taken out, he leaves behind his corn cob pipe. If this pipe is added to a completed snowman, Icy will be reborn once again into it’s body

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