“Onlookers are still baffled by what actually went down in mom and pop diner ‘Sugar-pop.’ Initial reports suggest a man fell very ill after beginning his breakfast earlier today. Witnesses describe his skin turning a pale grey, and his eyes looking ‘sunken.’ No one can confirm what illness struck, but paramedics arrived shortly after and he was wheeled off to the St. James medical center for immediate treatment. We approached the hospital staff for questions, but were quickly denied any gratification.”

The First Wave. When attempting a hostile planetary takeover, assimilators are sent as the first wave. Their purpose is to infiltrate the ranks of the target planet, learn their customs and capabilities, and foster support from the population.

Social Parasites. Assimilators were engineered specifically with infiltration in mind. Each has the ability to change shape to match that of the targeted population. Additionally, advanced analysis skills paired with quickly-configurable pheromone glands allow the assimilators to confuse and sway others in conversation.

Salt Aversion. A less intentional property of the assimilator is their aversion to salt. Not only is direct contact with salt painful to an assimilator, it will interrupt their shape changing abilities and transform them back to their original form.



Alien invasion expertLong grey limbsShapechanger


  • +3 Analyze (Investigate)
  • +2 Diagnose (Empathy)
  • +1 Social parasite (Provoke, Rapport, and Deceive)



[1] • [2]


Change shape

After observing someone for five minutes, the assimilator can assume their appearance by succeeding on a create an advantage check with Analyze (Investigate). The transformation takes about three minutes, and lasts until they decide to shape change again, or until they make contact with salt.


The assimilator can use Diagnose (Empathy) to a human’s psyche. After speaking to someone for at least three minutes, they can attempt a create an advantage check with Diagnose (Empathy). If they succeed, they learn the human’s greatest desire. They can then convince the target to attempt one task in the name of achieving their desire. The task does not have to actually be related to their desire; the target will be overcome with the thought that it somehow will. They gain the On a mission aspect, and as long as they have it, they will continue trying to complete the task

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