Hive Bomb-Drone

“Wake, my child. Experience your surroundings. This is the hive, and I am your mind. You have been born to serve with your life. You will protect the others in this place. Until then, you will be dormant. Lie in wait until you are called upon. Eyes wide, child. Eyes wide. Intruders may arrive at any moment.”

Hive Bomb-Drone


Mindless Insectoid Attack DroneHighly ExplosiveBorn To Die


  • +3 Spindly Legs (Athletics)
  • +1 Seeking (Notice)





Explosive Sack

This type of drone has evolved for the explicit purpose of exploding to cause damage to those that threaten the hive. When this drone is taken out, flammable liquids held beneath a thin membrane ignite, causing a violent explosion in the area around. When this happens, all characters in the same zone are hit with 4 shifts of stress, which they may roll to defend against. The bomb drone may use its action in a conflict to take itself out and cause this explosion intentionally.

Fragile Membranes

The membrane that contains the volatile liquids is thin at best. If the bomb drone ever checks its [1] stress box without being taken out, it will start Leaking Explosive Fluids in any zone it moves through

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