“While I was not expecting some wanna-be demon to drop from the branches above me, that was not the most surprising part of my encounter. I was not afraid of the little beast until after he got ahold of me. You learn very quickly about the teeth.” - Vartul Jodack, First Sword of the Second Army of Wrend

Cousin to the Octopus. These forest-dwelling predators bear a striking resemblance to their sea-dwelling counterparts. While this is the case, there are several key differences. First of all, heptapodes live on land in dense forests. They slither through the treetops, not unlike a tree snake. Heptapodes are ambush predators, hiding stealthily on branches before falling on their targets and constricting them. They have seven tentacles covered in green and brown splotches which make it easier for them to hide in the foliage. Their undersided mouth has several rows of sharp teeth to help them subdue and consume struggling prey faster.

Mate for life. Heptapodes for the most part live in solitude. However, this changes when they find a mate. Heptapodes mate for life, which means once they find one partner, they will stay with them until death. Interestingly enough, both male and female heptapodes appear to be able to carry the children. Due to this monogamous behavior, it is most common to encounter heptapodes alone or in pairs.



Efficient tree climberSeven tentaclesAmbush carnivore


  • +5 Chomp (Fight)
  • +4 Camouflage (Stealth)
  • +3 Constrict (Physique)
  • +2 Slither (Athletics)



[1] • [2] • [3]

Mild consequence [2]


Constricting tentacles

The heptapode cannot use Chomp (Fight) against a target until it is constricting them. Before this point, the heptapode uses Constrict (Physique) in place of Fight checks. When the heptapode hits with a Constrict (Physique) attack, add the Constricted aspect to the target with one free invoke. A Constricted target cannot move between zones until they overcome the aspect. A heptapode can be constricting multiple targets as long as they are in the same zone.

Branch drop

If the heptapode is in a tree above more than one target, as an action it may drop from the tree and make a Constrict (Physique) attack against all targets in the zone. This attack uses the same rules as above

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