Mo’Morath the Hobgoblin

The Bonesharp Clan is one of many groups of goblinoids that wander the freelands looking for targets to raid. They act opportunistically, always looking for the next quick score. They rob passing caravans when they spot them, attack villages when they appear undefended, and steal equipment if they can go unseen.

They tend to be quite successful. Many attribute this to the leader of the clan, a Hobgoblin by the name of Mo’Morath. He is known for being ruthlessly pragmatic, commanding raids only when the odds of coming out on top are in their favor. For this reason, the Bonesharp Clan has made a bit of a name for themselves. While he is a good strategist, Mo’Morath can let his pride get in the way at times.



Hobgoblin leader of the Bonesharp ClanPridefulArmor of Various Melted MetalsImposing StrategistGoblinoid


  • +5 Red-hot blade (Fight)
  • +4 Heat metal (Lore)
  • +3 Muscular (Physique)
  • +2 Quick thinker (Investigate and Notice)
  • +1 Conditioning (Athletics)


Physical Stress

[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mental Stress

[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]
Severe consequence [6]


Heat metal

Mo’Morath has mastered a single evocation spell: heat metal. He may use Lore when creating advantages or overcoming opposition using this spell. Advantages created with heat metal are affected by the Imposing strategist stunt. Mo’Morath heats metals using his hands, and may not do it at a range. Mo’Morath utilizes this spell often, and keeps a handful of iron poles in his backpack, ready to be melted.


When being attacked by a character in the same zone, Mo’Morath may forgo protecting himself to focus on sundering the equipment of his opponent. To do this, Mo’Morath does not roll to defend. Simultaneously, he may roll to create an advantage representing how he damages his attacker’s equipment. If the roll used Investigate, Lore, or Notice, it is affected by the Imposing Strategist stunt.

Imposing strategist

Advantages Mo’Morath creates using Investigate, Lore, or Notice come with an additional free invoke

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