Oozes, also known as slimes, are large, gelatinous piles of goo that have a primitive intelligence and penchant for hunting. Rather than using speed or prowess to catch their prey, they use a mixture of stealth and persistence. Oozes live in caves and deep dungeons, blending in with their surroundings by appearing as innocuous puddles. When an animal or other potential target gets too close, the oozes slide into them, ensnaring them with their sticky bodies. Adventurers and would-be dungeon delvers would be wise to travel with a torch, as oozes tend to be quite flammable.



Creeping gelatinous substanceBasic intelligenceAggressive solventStickyFlammable


  • +4 Envelop (Fight)
  • +2 Blend in (Stealth)
  • +2 Induce panic (Provoke)



[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]



After an ooze hits with an Envelope (Fight) attack, the target gains the Stuck in ooze aspect. Whenever an ooze makes an Envelope (Fight) attack, all opponents in the same zone as the ooze with the Stuck in ooze aspect must also defend against the attack as if attacked individually.

Slowly creeping

An ooze does not get a free movement each turn, and must instead expend an action to move.


An ooze may defend against Shoot attacks using Envelope (Fight), if fire is not involved. An ooze may not defend against Fight attacks with Envelope (Fight) if fire is involved

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