Undead Thralls

“It didn’t matter where I went. Inevitably it found me. It didn’t matter the precautions I took. It faced them fearlessly. How do you outrun something which never tires? I decided I needed to become the hunter, and put an end to it myself.” - Unknown

Loyal servants. For as long as mortals have been dabbling in the necromantic arts, the notion of unfettering followers has captured the interest of deviants and scholars alike. Is it possible to enthrall the mind of someone to serve an unending and unquestioned sentence of obedience? They key, mages have found, is to bind the service of a thrall after death, rather than before. Some argue this makes thralls more morally sound. Others argue that this makes them worse.

Unwavering. Undead thralls excel at carrying out the will of their master. They have no will of their own. This unquestioned devotion makes them perfect for tasks that would typically weigh heavy and wear out a mortal servant. Finding a lost item, capturing an evasive foe, following a target to the end of the world; these are the things an undead thrall excels at.

Undead Thrall


Servant in undeathNo free willUnnatural strength


  • +3 Unnatural strength (Physique and Fight)
  • +1 Meticulous analysis (Investigate)


Physical stress

[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mental stress

[1] • [2]

Mild physical consequence [2]


No free will

The undead thrall cannot and will not be convinced to act against their master’s will. They have no compassion or empathy. They automatically succeed in Will checks related to decision making. They automatically fail Empathy checks.

Unending pursuit

The undead thrall excels at hunting down targets set out by their master. They are not quick at it, but they are consistent. After failing a Meticulous analysis (Investigation) check to figure out where someone went, they may continue to analyze the clues they have. After a number of hours equal to the shifts of failure, they will figure out where their target(s) went. Additionally, undead thralls never fail checks related to becoming tired or exhausted

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