Imps, while rare on the material plane, are often depicted as small, red-skinned devils. They are known for their penchant for trickery, spending their days playing pranks on those that cross their path. While their pranks are generally meant to be harmless, they are oftentimes not, causing trauma or immense pain.

Imps are tragically lonely by nature, and will gravitate toward anyone who is willing to tolerate them. While those affected by an imp’s “harmless” pranks are unlikely to appreciate their company, some are keen to take advantage of the imp’s need for companionship. Imps are willing to enter into subservience for the chance to travel with someone, however their antics often cause their masters to leave them behind.



Small devilish creatureEternally lonelyChildish prankster


  • +4 Tag, you’re it! (Athletics)
  • +2 Hide and seek (Burglary and Stealth)
  • +1 Tickle (Fight)






Imps are extremely difficult to pin down. When an imp fails any Tag, you’re it! (Athletics) roll, they may spend a Fate point to instead succeed.


An imp may create an advantage to transform into the form of any small animal. The imp gains the basic abilities of that animal, such as burrowing or flight. It’s skills, however, do not change.


Imps will do whatever they can to keep company. If a character spends more than two hours with an imp to bond with them, the imp will become emotionally attached to them. That character lowers their refresh by one until this bond is broken. Additionally, uses of Slippery take Fate points from that character’s supply. While bonded in this way, the imp will usually follow the character’s commands. Occasionally the imp will purposefully misinterpret instructions from the character. However, the imp will straighten up if risk of losing their companion is apparent

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