“We heard the howling. The attack itself was not a surprise. It had been going on for an hour or so while we made our way across the rocky plains. We kept our watches and were prepared. But when the pack finally engaged, that is when the strangeness revealed itself. We saw their backs in the grass, encircling. Then they all began leaping. A few dozen of them. Not pouncing. But leaping. Bounding. They had extra legs, and extra claws! We lost no men, but we gained one hell of a story.” - Maica, Knight of Moriel

Part Jackal. Spider-jackals appear to be just as much a canine as any other wild dogs, with the chief difference being they have six legs instead of four, and four eyes instead of two. They have a relatively similar body shape to a jackal, with the same coat of short, black and brown fur that you would expect. Spider-jackals are pack-hunters, excelling in stealthily encircling and taking down their prey in groups.

Part Spider. In addition to more legs and eyes, spider-jackals have the arachnid quality of spinning webs. The spider-jackals excrete their webs from their front set of claws, which have small protrusions for this purpose. This process takes a long time, and is typically not used to offensive hunting, but instead is used as a means of protecting the spider-jackal burrow. The result is an extensive tunnel system covered from wall to wall in thick strings that ensnare potential predators.



Six-legged dog-like creatureFour eyesWeb-walkerSilent hunter


  • +4 Bound (Athletics)
  • +3 Silent hunter (Stealth and Notice)
  • +2 Gnaw (Fight)




Mild consequence [2]


Pack hunter

Spider-jackals get a +1 to Gnaw (Fight) checks when a friendly spider-jackal is in the same zone.


Spider-jackals spin Thick webs over their underground burrows. This typically takes a long time, and won’t occur during a fight. However, a spider-jackal can climb their webs with little effort. Any character that is not adept in climbing webs takes a -2 on all Athletics checks while in them

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