“When you die, it is believed your spirit leaves your body and begins its journey to the afterlife. Follow the light, and all that, you know? But sometimes, when the time comes to reaching that light, things aren’t so simple. And poof, you have ghosts.” - Reggie Bordago, Medium

An untimely passing. Ghosts are brought into existence when there are complications in a spirit passing to the afterlife. No one knows for sure the exact reason one spirit can pass to the afterlife and another cannot, but it is generally believed to be related to particularly peculiar, ill-timed, or brutal causes of death.

A hopeless goal. Contact with ghosts has unconditionally revealed one thing. Every ghost has unfinished business. Whether it be vengeance for their murder, bringing news to their family, or tying up important loose ends, a ghost will always have something that they cannot complete on their own. Whether this is what causes ghosts to exist in the first place, or whether any living thing would inevitably have something they want completed is fiercely debated.



Ethereal spiritUnfinished businessTrapped in the material realm


  • +3 What I’ve seen (Lore)
  • +2 I am dangerous (Provoke, Fight, Will)


Mental stress

[1] • [2] • [3]



The ghost is immune to physical damage.


Once each turn, a ghost may attempt to create an advantage using I am dangerous (Will) as a free action.


The ghost may turn completely invisible as an action, giving them the Invisible aspect. The ghost may drop invisibility as a free action. The ghost may invoke Invisibility for free on Stealth checks, or checks to oppose Notice or Investigate.

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