“The first time I fought an ogre- well, the only time really- was probably the bloodiest battle I have been a part of. We were in a cave, we had just finished assaulting a camp filled with various goblinoids. They had been harassing a nearby town and so we were called in to deal with them. So at the edge of the camp was this cave that the orcs retreated into it. We didn’t take too long considering why they’d trap themselves inside before we march on it in pursuit, big mistake. We heard the chains drop and this unforgettable roar.

The beast started cracking skulls. And I don’t just mean the men in my company. It killed orcs, it killed goblins. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident. The sheer weight of this thing was impressive. I’d love to say we brought it down. We retreated, six of our men dead.” - Karyetta, Mercenary



Massive green-skinned beastChild-eaterUnintelligent


  • +6 Muscle (Physique)
  • +4 Clobber (Fight)
  • +3 Intimidate (Provoke)



[1] • [2] • [3] • [4] • [5]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]



The first time it gets attacked between each of it’s turns, an ogre may defend normally. After that, each time an ogre defends with Clobber (Fight), it rolls with a +0 instead of a +4.


After a character moves into the same zone as an ogre, they may not move any more zones for the rest of the turn.


After an ogre misses a Clobber (Fight) attack, it may create a situational aspect related to how its attack damaged the environment around it

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