The Icehawks

Blackbird Harbor stands as a shining example of unprecedented lawless cooperation. It is the second largest port city in the world, and is governed by no central power. The fragile semblance of peace comes from dozens of gangs and trading companies that frequent the port and have footholds in the massive shanty city.

One such organization, which can be classified as a gang or as a trading company depending on who you ask, are known only as the Icehawks. The Icehawks make most of their money through the shipping and distribution of drugs. They do supplement this practice with legitimate trade to keep themselves running, but the vast majority of their profits are from illicit goods.

The facemen of the Icehawks, acting as a point of contact for those looking to buy, sport mohawks dyed blue. This feature clearly marks them as associated with the gang, which keeps them recognizable as they make their way through port cities. The mohawks also make them a target for rival businesses, but the Icehawks have made a habit of putting those who cross them on display for all to see, most of the time in several pieces. Because of this, the Icehawks have a reputation for being cruel, no-nonsense criminals.

Note: I’ve created most of the below stats and skills on the fly for this post. I plan to later work out the specifics of these stats, and make corrections here once I do so.

The Icehawks


Criminal trading companyReputation for crueltyDealing in illicit goodsConspicuous frontmenTrade fleet


  • +5 Intimidation
  • +4 Recruiting
  • +3 Reputation
  • +2 Hierarchy
  • +1 Wealth



[1] • [2] • [3]


[1] • [2]


[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]
Severe consequence [6]


Not to be trifled with

The first time the Icehawks receive manpower stress in a scene, they get +2 to Intimidation checks until the end of their next turn.

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