Displacer Beast

“Ah, the displacer beast. A real marvel in illusory magic. They have the ability to bend your perception of them to their will! Very dangerous creatures. They’ll creep up on you from the shadows, staying low, waiting for you and your party to show any bit of weakness. When you do, they’ll pounce at you, using their six muscular legs to propel them in your direction! Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, two huge, spiked tentacles reveal themselves. You swing- but despite your good aim, it is a miss. ‘Where is it, where did it go?’ you’ll think to yourself. And thus begins the dance of the displacer beast.

Very marvelous creatures. Dangerous, beautiful. A shining example of an extraordinary, wild beast. What drives them? Is it hunger? Pure hate? I am determined to find out. I captured a young displacer beast, and I intend on training it. Now where could that little thing be off to? Schröganger! Schröganger, where are you?”

Displacer Beast


Large panther-like predatorDisplacement fieldWhip-like tentacles


  • +3 Agile (Athletics)
  • +3 Feint (Deceive and Provoke)
  • +2 Tentacle whip (Fight)
  • +2 Hunt (Stealth)



[1] • [2] • [3]

Mild consequence [2]


Displacement field

The displacer beast has the innate ability to bend the light around it to appear where it is not. The displacer beast may invoke Displacement field for free. Additionally, when the displacer beast succeeds with style on a defense check, it may reveal that it was really in an adjacent zone the whole time! If the displacer beast gets hit with an attack, it loses its Displacement field aspect, and these abilities, until the end of its next turn.

Tentacle reach

The displacer beast may use Tentacle whip (Fight) to attack enemies in zones adjacent to it. Once per turn, when the displacer beast makes a Tentacle whip (Fight) attack, it may make a second Fight attack immediately afterward

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