“You want trade? You give twenty foot rope, six piton, canteen. I give two glass vial, bedroll.”

Resourceful. Ratlings are a race of subterranean bipeds that are as crafty as they are quick. Known for their contraptions and being oddly prepared for whatever situations they get into, ratlings have many times been called ‘the Gnomes of the underground.’ This, of course, is much to the chagrin of the Gnomes. The lack of great communication skills has made the ratlings look stupid, but underneath their dirty exterior is a very clever mind.

Greedy colonies. Ratlings live in large packs in caves and burrows. Within the pack, the ratlings share all that they own, making sure to provide for the members most in need within their extensive family. Those outside of the pack are not treated as nicely. Ratlings are known to scavenge, collect, or outright steal anything that they deem necessary to their colony.



Clever rat-like humanoidAnything for the colony


  • +4 Scurry (Athletics)
  • +3 Clever (Crafts)
  • +2 Scrap (Fight and Shoot)



[1] • [2]



Once per scene, the ratling can use Clever (Crafts) instead of any other skill.


An opponent of the ratlings that has two or more ratlings in their zone gets a -2 to all rolls related to moving between zones, and gains the Overwhelmed aspect while this remains true

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