Circus Performers

While some are content to plow fields or shape metal, circus performers prefer a life on the move. Troupes are made up from 20 to 50 performers, and oftentimes include a small cast of exotic animals. They rove from town to town, city to city, keeping an exhausting schedule of constant performance. But you won’t hear complaining; in a performer’s eyes, this is the only life for them.

Working in a circus troupe provides the performers with a loving family, a range of skills and crafts to perfect, a place to live, and a source of income. They get to visit some of the largest cities on the continent, and have the privilege of seeing far off destinations that others could only hope to experience one day.

In order to make ends meet, some troupes will sell their unique skill sets to whoever will pay. Many performers take up learning secondary trades like leather-working, trapping, or even bounty hunting.

Circus Performer


Roving performance artistDangerous for the sake of itThe troupe is my family


  • +3 Performance (Rapport)
  • +3 Fit (Physique and Athletics)
  • +2 Side-hustle (One other skill)



[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]


Peak physical shape

A circus performer never has to roll Physique or Athletics overcome checks to move from one zone to another.

Circus cant

Circus performers have perfected a nonverbal form of communication with other performers of their troupe, and can communicate silently as long as they can see each other and have their hands and feet free.

Life is a show

Performers have learned how to use their craft in everyday life. A performer may spend a fate point to roll Performance in place of any other skill

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