Chort Devil

“Look at you, desperate mortal. You must really need me. Otherwise I would not be here, would I?”

Chort devils are a type of fiend which revel in making contracts with mortals. They love to nitpick the precise wording of every clause, using the words to confuse and control those they deceive into signing. Chort devils are not shy about the fact that they are tricky, and will often joke about the situation that is playing out around them. They use their brazen attitude toward dishonest deal making to disarm the potential signer, remind them that they are desperate.

These fiends stand around seven feet tall, with red skin and legs that look like they belong to a goat. They command a variety of magical abilities, including the ability to change their appearance. Some mortals have been known to summon these beasts specifically to make deals with them, confident they can outwit the chort devil. This usually proves to be a bad idea.

Chort Devil


Deceptive deal-makerUnabashedly evilWielder of fiendish magic


  • +4 Menacing presence (Fight, Deceive, and Provoke)
  • +3 Fiendish magic (Lore, Shoot, Will and Empathy)
  • +2 Devilish strength (Physique and Athletics)
  • +1 Connections (Contacts)



[1] • [2] • [4]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]
Severe consequence [6]


Binding contracts

When a victim of the chort devil signs a contract, the terms are final. If a subject of one of these contracts breaks a condition written within, they will experience an agonizing pain. Each round that a character is in breach of a chort devil’s contract, they will take 1 point of mental stress. Ultimately, this will kill anyone who continues to defy the terms and conditions.


Chort devils can transform their physical appearance to that of any other humanoid. They may do this at will. If a chort devil is taken out, they return to their true form.

Flaming touch

Once per turn, a chort devil may set something they are touching on fire for free. It gains an appropriate aspect

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