“Ents are not particularly brilliant. They aren’t fast. They’re not quick-witted. But if an ent addresses you, you stop and listen.” - Cortel Windwalker, Elvish Book-keeper

Ancient protectors. It is believed that the ents came about from old druidic magic millenia ago. They were brought to life to protect the forests they lived in. Ents are sturdy, and typically watch their portion of the forest in numbers. When the forest and the life within are disturbed, the ents step forward to keep the peace.

Living trees. Ents themselves descend from the trees they protect. They are tall, with thick bark and a myriad branches. Their ancestry lends itself to a passive approach in protecting the forest. Ents are keen to a simple life, taking things slow and steady, and are quite adverse to adventurous motivations. Many outside sources have tried to enlist the help of the ents to little success.



Huge living treeExtremely oldStubborn and passiveFlammable


  • +5 Strength of ancients (Physique)
  • +3 Crush (Fight)
  • +3 Forest-watcher (Notice and Lore)
  • +2 Stubborn (Will)


Physical stress

[1] • [2] • [3]

Mental stress

[1] • [2] • [3]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]



Ents themselves can be occupied like a zone. The ent can be climbed from the zone it is in, or another zone reasonable. To climb on to the ent, it requires a +1 (Average) difficulty Athletics check. As the ent moves around, the characters on it also move.

Natural appearance

Ents look like trees themselves. All checks to notice an ent that hasn’t yet moved or revealed themselves are at +2 difficulty while the ent is in a wooded area.

Thick bark

If an attack is from a weapon that only bashes or pierces, the ent can use Strength of ancients (Physique) to defend

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