Underwater Fauna

From dense jungles to expansive cave systems, a myriad curious creatures contribute to diverse ecosystems of virtually uncountable species. But these biomes pale in comparison to the limitless assortment of creatures that lie beneath the vast seas and oceans.

Microscopic food sources support the tiniest of creatures, and the spacious reaches of the sea allow massive monstrosities to grow uninhibited. Complex relationships between underwater fauna turn pockets and trenches into wildly different biospheres that could take any ecologist a lifetime to map out. To track a handful of these life forms would stand only as a glimpse into the possibilities lurking below the surface.



Gargantuan underwater predatorOne track mindAveraging 50ft longRed-hot glowing glands


  • +4 Shred (Fight)
  • +4 Massive (Physique)
  • +2 Sense blood (Notice)



[1] • [2] • [3] • [4] • [5]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]
Severe consequence [6]


Absolute unit

Whenever the magmalodon takes stress, if it is physical, reduce the amount of stress taken by 1, to a minimum of 1. The magmalodon can never move more than one zone on a single turn.

Hardy appetite

The magmalodon attacks an inanimate object like a boat or a dock, add +2 to the attack roll.

Hot to the touch

Part of the magmalodon’s digestion system melts things it’s eaten into a magma-like paste. Waste is excreted through glowing hot glands speckled along its body. If a character ends its turn touching the magmalodon, they take 1 physical stress

Feed Squid


Large blue squidRelatively harmlessAveraging 6ft longFeeding glands


  • +4 Feeding glands (Contacts)
  • +3 Propel (Athletics)
  • +2 Natural camouflage (Stealth)



[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]


Avoid predators

When a character moves into the same zone as the feed squid, it may spend a fate point to move one zone.

Release feed

When the feed squid feels threatened, it will release into the water a cloud of stored microscopic lifeforms as well as a mixture of chemicals. The chemicals and lifeforms serve as an enticing meal for nearby creatures, pulling their attention to where the feed has been released. This can distract potential predators as a different source of food becomes available, as well as a flood of nearby creatures. Once per scene, the feed squid may make a Feeding glands (Contacts) roll. A number of creatures or swarms of small creatures equal to the result appear in the scene, and the aspect Tasty Feed is added to the zone where the feed was released

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