Lullaby Bard

Bardship is a varied profession to say the least. A wide range of disciplines fall under this umbrella, each with their own diverse scope of ideologies and practices. One rare but memorable classification is the lullaby bard. These bards use their implement, typically a harp or other soft musical instrument, to calm and subdue those who allow themselves to become entranced in the beautiful tunes.

Lullaby bards have been hired for a variety of reasons, from helping insomniacs sleep, to tranquilizing escaped animals, to comforting grief-stricken or anger-filled individuals. On very rare occasions, a lullaby bard might be an adventurer looking to use sleep magic to their advantage while they journey.

Lullaby Bard


Magical HarpistSoothing If Not Dry At TimesBringer of Sleep


  • +3 Soothing Harp (Rapport)
  • +2 Discipline (Will)
  • +1 Social Adept (Empathy and Notice)



[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]


Melodic Rapture

Lullaby bards specialize in filling the air with tranquil melodies which pacify those who allow themselves to drift along. They get +2 to create an advantage with Rapport when the resulting aspect would be related to sleep magic that affects an entire space or scene rather than an individual.

Creeping Nightmares

Particularly cruel lullaby bards can weave terrifying images into the heads of those undergoing magical sleep. They made spend an action in a conflict to deal one mental stress to each character in the scene under the effects of magical sleep

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