Dire Elk

“It’s like any other elk you’ve seen. Except it’s nothing like that! You’d need to be three men tall if you wanted to touch this beast’s back. Absolutely enormous. If you like to appreciate nature, I’d recommend you appreciate this one from very far away.”

“The dire elk is majestic. It brings to you an unexplainable awe. We have respect for them that goes back generations. They are one of the few peaceful animals large enough to deal with some of the nastiest things you can find in the forest.”

“Ah, yes! An honorable hunt. They put up a good, honest fight. And when one falls, it feeds our clan for weeks. Not to mention, their antlers can be fastened into great spears.”

Dire Elk


Massive forest elkHeavy inertiaLarger than lifePassive until provoked


  • +6 Sheer size (Physique)
  • +3 Keen senses (Notice)
  • +3 Trample (Fight - special)
  • +2 Gore (Fight - special)



[1] • [2] • [3] • [4]

Mild consequence [2]
Moderate consequence [4]


Shake it off

The first time the dire elk is attacked before each of it’s turns, it may defend with Sheer size (Physique).

Trample and gore

When the dire elk attacks a target that is on the ground in the same zone as it, it uses Trample (Fight). If it attacks a target that is not on the ground, it uses Gore (Fight).

One elk stampede

When the dire elk attacks using Trample (Fight), it may force any number of characters on the ground in the same zone as it to defend against the attack and take stress as if attacked individually.


After the dire elk attacks a target, hit or miss, it may force one character in the same zone as it to move one zone (the destination is their choice)

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