Syndicate Of Silence

The Syndicate Of Silence is an arcane order of mages with chapters spanning nearly the entire continent. While their existence is not a secret by any means, their practices and inner workings are private to those outside of the order. This mysterious group recruits new members from the various magical colleges based on a rather opaque set of criteria.

One thing you’ll notice immediately while interacting with members of the order is their unique means of communication. Initiates of the order make a vow never to speak again upon joining, and quickly after being inducted learn the art of communication through visions. While no member will ever entertain the idea, rumor has it that new members have their tongues cut out.

The objectives of the Syndicate, and the reasons why they vow to stay silent, are not quite clear to outsiders.

Silent Initiate


Member Of The Syndicate Of SilenceTongue RemovedCommunicates Through Arcane Visions


  • +3 Keeper Of Knowledge (Lore)
  • +2 Arcane Arts (Shoot and Deceive)
  • +1 Perceptive (Notice and Investigate)



[1] • [2]


Keen Eyes

Initiates of the Syndicate are excellent at perceiving their surroundings via sight. When making Notice rolls, the silent initiate gains a +2 if using sight as their primary sen

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