“It all makes sense now. When Jamie was young, she was playing outside. She tripped on the root of a tree and hit her head on the way down. There was a large gash on her head. But she did not cry. As the blood dripped down her brow and into her eye, she appeared to be in deep thought. It was strange. For years she displayed this same kind of behavior. Always so cold. It’s because she was never my Jamie.”

Sinister Replacements. It is not unheard of for fae to steal away human children as their own. They do this for servants, out of hate for humans, or because they are intrigued by humans and want to study them. When they take the child, they leave behind a changeling in their stead.

Strange Beings. Changelings always appear on the surface to be the child they are replacing, but tend to display strange new traits. They may never cry, or they may have different physical traits like pale skin, longer teeth, or a limp. A changeling’s purpose in existing is to be a replacement for the child, but oftentimes this lost on them, or simply not enough for them. As changelings grow, they will become stir-crazy, looking for a new purpose. This often causes them to act out or even run away.



Disguised fairy childIn need of a purposeOff-putting


  • +1 A cut above the rest (All skills)



[1] • [2]

Mild consequence [2]


Sinister disguise

The changeling looks almost identical to another child, save for a couple of quirks. The changeling will transform back into a sickly grey creature when it died.


Once per scene, the changeling may cause one character to stop recognizing them for the rest of the scene. The character will act as if they have never seen the child

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