Angel At Arms

For hundreds of years, scholars and priests have discussed the eternal struggle between good and evil. A battle, they say, has been raging since the beginning of time. Philosophers reduce this to a metaphor for morality, while clergymen utilize the idea as a basis for parables and life lessons. Unbeknownst to most, these depictions are more accurate than initially assumed.

Just beyond the capabilities of our mortal senses, a battle rages on. All around us, the forces of good and evil clash to defend the ideas they hold as central to their very existence. Despite the delicate depictions of angels in sacred texts, angels are brutish warriors with a conviction all but unquenchable.

Angel At Arms


Angelic Foot SoldierLocked In An Eternal Battle With EvilRighteous By NatureBeyond Mortal Senses

Skills - +3 Blade Of Justice (Fight) - +2 Armor Of Righteousness (Physique)

  • +1 Boots Of Discipline (Athletics)



[1] • [2] • [3]

Mild consequence [2]


Angelic Oath

Warrior angels take an oath upon enlisting in the eternal war against evil. The exact nature of the oath varies from angel to angel, but typically they take the form of a self-imposed restriction meant to prove their loyalty to the cause. Each angel at arms gains an aspect to represent this oath. A few example aspects could be ‘Oath Of Honesty,’ ‘Oath Of Fasting,’ or ‘Oath Of Mercy.’


Angels at arms are equipped to smite evil where they face it. Once per scene, after hitting a being of evil with a Fight attack, they may add +3 to the shifts of the attack.

Shield Of Faith

Angels are sworn to protect the righteous. Once per scene, after a character in the same zone is hit with an attack, an angel at arms may reduce the shifts of the attack by 3. If this would reduce the shifts to 0 or less, the attacker still gets a boost

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