What are Extras

The content of the previous chapter contained every core rule needed to play Charge. With this, you are fully equipped to have a really fun time playing either just a quick one shot or a full-fledged year-spanning campaign.

Now, this next chapter is about Extras.

Extras are additional mechanics that you can add in your games to mimic certain types of gameplay or to tailor the game more to your liking.

Making an Extra

Charge is open, which means anybody can submit additional extras to be added to the game.

To do so, submit your idea on Charge's Community Board using the extra-submission tag.

We have a group of volunteers who will review it and provide feedback, comments and suggestions.

Once the extra is approved by the community, you can send a message to RPDeshaies to include it in the game.

You can contact RP on Discord (RPDeshaies#4116) or on Twitter.

While markdown documents are preferred, we will accept and consider others types of documents such as google docs, word documents, PDFs, and ideas posted directly to the Community Board!

To make Charge has homogeneous as possible, you can find below a markdown template that you can use to design your extra.

We can't wait to see what you will be creating!

# {Name of the Extra} | Extras

{short description}

\- By {author name}


{detailed description of the extra and what it should be used for}

## {Name of the Extra} Rule

{Bulk of the document explaining how to use the extra and all of its rules}

#### Example

_Example of a game using the extra_

## Credits

- {credit #1}
- {credit #2}

## Recap

{Abbreviated version of the extra to be used as a quick reference}


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