Fiction First

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Charge is a "fiction first" game.

This means that the GM and the players tell a story, and afterwards look at the rules to see if something needs to be resolved using the game's mechanics.

You can see the mechanics in Charge as tools in a box, to use as needed. They resolve situations where you don't know the direct answers to a question.

Will this character find what they are looking for? Can that character convince this merchant to talk? How will this faction react to this big event? etc.

Sometimes, those situations are resolved with a mechanic that relies on the PCs' proficiencies, while other times they might be resolved with mechanics that straight-up relies on luck!

We do this to create a "wow" feeling in unknown situations. While the story is created by everyone at the table, the mechanics act as a guide that drives the narrative forward with unexpected outcomes.

Those mechanics mostly rely on figuring out what the risks are, and what is happening. Then a set of six-sided dice is rolled, results are interpreted, and the story moves on.



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