Projects and Complications

The Charge character sheet has a Projects & Complications section which contains a set of empty clocks.

Those clocks represent long-term projects or ever-evolving danger that the character will work on or experience across multiple sessions.

Long-term Projects

Perhaps your character is piling up money to be able to afford something good for their family, or perhaps they are trying to figure out a way to reverse the damaged caused by a dangerous new disease that's plaguing the city.

In any case, once per session, if the narrative allows it, a character can make an action roll to work on those long-term agendas. The player works with the GM to describe what action they are taking to advance their agenda and figure out the effect and risk of the roll.

These projects are tracked using progress clocks on the character sheet. The effect rating of the roll determines how much the project progresses when the character is working on it.

Upon the completion of a project, the PC gets what they were working for. The resolution of said project creates a new narrative thread explained by the GM. This thread is something the group can decide to pursue or not.


Perhaps the police department is starting to realize there are missing pieces in the evidence locker, or perhaps you are starting to attract more and more heat on you and your crew after your last couple jobs.

When a complication occurs as a result of a consequence of an action roll, the GM can tell the player to start or tick a danger clock on their character sheet.

Those complications aren't bound to the scene. Instead, they are tied to the character or the group as a whole.

Upon the completion of a complication's danger clock, the GM reveals a new dangerous situation to the group to represent what comes as a result of their actions.

Depending on the context, this new complication could be imposed or exposed to the group.

  • When it is imposed, the characters need to resolve it as soon as possible. The story cannot continue without this being taken care of first.
  • When it is exposed, the GM can foretell that the life of the group will be a bit more complicated because of a certain situation that comes from a result of that complication.

The goal here is to add emphasize that every action elicits a reaction from the world, even if it isn't immediate.



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