Solo Extra

A Charge RPG Extra to make unfair fights more awesome

- By Valdy

Sometimes you want to play a game with only one Player Character, and other moments you are alone or your team was taken out.

This extra is for these moments.

The Last Standing Rule

When you are alone, you are the last standing.

If this happens, pushing yourself will only cost 1 momentum per push.

Why to use this?

This is intended to those moments when, you are by yourself, you are the last hope, and then you find a new flame that allows you to overcome the impossible odds stacked against you.

Design considerations

I have a tendency to make one to one games (one GM and one player), and Charge revolves around Momentum being gained and spent.

Almost all mechanics about spending Momentum relies on having someone else available to assist you. So, by reducing the cost of Pushing Yourself, you allow for a higher flow of Momentum, which is more fair since no one can Assist each other.

So, in short:

  • If you are alone, you have fewer options to be awesome.
  • So we reduce the cost of the remaining options.
  • This allows Solo situations to be equally awesome.
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