Safety at the Table

Safety Tools

If at any point during the game creation process, or when playing a scene, something doesn't click with someone at the table, the game needs to be paused and things need to be aligned and discussed so that everyone is on the same page.

One way the GM can help make the table safer for everyone is by using safety tools like the X-Card by John Stavropoulos, or Beau's Script Change RPG Toolbox.

This is super important and should not be taken lightly. Everyone at the table should feel safe and comfortable.

If you don't feel safe at a table, it is totally OK to quit and find another group of people to play with. Don't feel bad, and more importantly, respect yourself.

RPG Etiquette

Remember to be empathetic of people's schedules and responsibilities. Some people have kids, pets, jobs, and other things that make scheduling sessions very hard. Show up on time and take the amount of gameplay time that you can get.

Then, patiently wait until the next session. And while you are waiting, remember and praise the awesome moments that happened in the last session.



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