Asset Extra

A Charge RPG Extra to make item discovery interesting

- By René-Pier Deshaies

Assets are an extra that you can use as an alternative to pushing yourself or adding tension to a scene to get a bonus die when making an action roll.

Loot Assets Rule

The Loot Asset is an additional mechanic that gives you the chance to find good loot that will have a mechanical impact on the game when you scavenge a place.

After a conflict between multiple parties is resolved, or when the general tension in a scene is reduced, you can do a fortune roll of 1d6 to find loot or to search a location.

  • On a 6, you create 1 asset.
  • On a 66, you create 2 assets.

Take note of this asset on your character sheet, and use it when the time is right to get an extra 1d6 or increased effect on an action roll.

Loot Roll

  • Roll 1d6.
    • On a 1-5: nothing happens.
    • On a 6: you create one asset
    • On a critical (66): you create two assets.
  • If an asset was created, take note of it on someone's character sheet.

Boon Asset Rule

It's always amazing when a player loses themselves in their character, or has an amazing idea that is just too brilliant to ignore.

To make those moments shine even more, the GM can reward that player with an asset.

This is how the GM says: this was amazing, here's 1d6 or increased effect for a future roll.



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