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We've talked about the fact that characters have a momentum track, which starts with 2 charges at the beginning of every session.

We've also seen that momentum can be consumed to boost action rolls, assist allies, and do flashback scenes.

Now we will go over the different methods to gain momentum during scenes.

Basically, you can either gain momentum as a result of an action roll, or by adding tension to the scene.

Momentum from an Action

Everytime you make an action roll, you have a chance of gaining new charges of momentum.

The reason why each character starts with only 2 momentum at the beginning of a session is because we want players who are running low to engage with the game mechanics instead of sitting back because they are out of resources.

The main way you get momentum back is by participating in the game.

By default, you gain momentum as a result of a successful action roll.

  • If you rolled a 4-5, you gain 1 momentum.
  • If you rolled a 6, you gain 2 momentum.
  • If you rolled a 66, you gain 3 momentum.

Also, when momentum is spent for a roll, that roll cannot in turn generate momentum.

While this is the default dial, we encourage you and your group to change this as you wish. Making momentum harder or easier to gain will have a big impact on the way the game plays out.

Momentum Dial

Changing when and how much momentum is gained is called a momentum dial. Your group could decide to use the default setting for this dial, as it is a good starting point, but they could also change it more to their liking.

If for example you want to emphasize the fact that life is hard and resources are scarce, then consider making momentum harder to gain. If on the other hand, you want to tell the story of characters who are over-the-top, but still find a way to finish every adventure with their hat still sitting on their head, then consider making momentum easier to gain.



  • Every time you make an action roll, you have a chance to gain momentum.
  • You start every session with 2 momentum.


When momentum is spent for a roll, that roll cannot in turn generate momentum.


Default Momentum Dial

  • Gain 1 momentum for a 4-5.
  • Gain 2 momentum for a 6.
  • Gain 3 momentum for a 66.



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