Making Playbooks

In Charge, we don't offer a list of playbooks, archetypes or classes for the players to choose from when starting a new game. This is because we want players to be able to create the character they want to, without limiting their creativity.

This doesn't mean that they shouldn't exists. Playbooks are an amazing solution to the blank page syndrome when creating a character.

With a bit of preparation, the game master can create a set of playbooks for their players to choose from. Designers who want to use Charge as the framework of their game can also use this method for their game.

Playbook Recipe

Here's a recipe on how to create a playbook for Charge using the default character sheet as a basis for it.


Find a name for your playbook. Once you have a good catchy name, write it down as the character's concept.

Leave the appearance box empty for the player to fill. Also write down a list of possible ties for the player to choose from when they make their character.


Each playbook should have 3 action dots pre-assigned on the default sheet. This helps the player understand what this class of character is good at by default.

This leaves 4 action dots that they can assign wherever they want to make their implementation of that playbook their own.


Each playbook should feel a bit different to play from one another.

In the talents section, pre-fill the situational talents by things that make sense for that playbook.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you've done one playbook, just repeat the process a couple of time to offer different archetypes to your players.

This should help your players find interesting ideas for their characters since constraints are known to aid with creativity.

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