What Next

Now that you've read the game form start to finish, you might wonder that you need to do next.

You might feel comfortable enough to talk to a group of friends and look into starting your own game of Charge right away. If that's the case, great!

Perhaps you liked what you read, but you want to homebrew it to fit a certain style. If so, you can re-read chapter about hacking the game to have some guideline about what you can hack and how. You can also re-read the section about extras which contains community made hacks that you can use in your game! You can also submit your own extras on Charge's Itch Community to get feedback from the community.

If what you've read has inspired you to make your own Powered by Charge game, then check-out the Charge System Reference Document as a good starting point.

To talk with people who have played or hacked the game before, join Fari's Discord Server for great discussions about anything Charge related!

Lastly, if you liked what you read, consider donating some money on itch.io.

All the funds are re-invested in the game to buy original art, paying editors or translators.

Thank you, and go power your storytelling!



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