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There are thousands of great table-top role-playing games out there. Some are generic, like Charge, and others are made with a very specific setting in mind. In the latter, mechanics are often created to reinforce the setting.

Charge is generic, which means you get to pick the world and setting you want to play in. You could play in a Sci-Fi setting where new planets are still being discovered and terraformed every year, or on Earth during the British Industrial Revolution. You get to choose.

Because settings can differ greatly, Charge's game mechanics were made with very specific goals in mind to help you create the story you want to tell.

The Idea Behind Charge

Here are some things that makes Charge special compared to other games you might have played before.

It's easy to create characters for any settings.


Characters are easy to define, and still unique in their own way. Charge gives you a good framework to create characters for settings you want.

Charge does this by making characters shine using character details to define who they are and how they're linked to the world. They have actions to highlight what they are good at, and talents to make them evolve in interesting ways.

It offers easy to tune dials and extras to have "grimmer" up to "bigger than life" adventures.


From a post-apocalyptic survival adventure where each bullet counts, to a grand space opera where the heroes always prevail, the mechanics are easily tuneable to reflect the kind of story you want to tell.

Either adjust the main difficulty setting of the game, or use one of the many extras provided to play the way you want to.

It is both a utility belt, and a toolbox.


Charge is a toolbox, because it has a set of mechanics to resolve narrative problems in multiple different ways. It is also a utility belt, since it gives you a default way to play that's easy to pick-up and use.

Play it as is, or hack it as your want.

You will like this game if:

  • you like narrative-focused systems
  • you like that you can play in any setting
  • you generally think that failure is more interesting than success
  • you like when your character starts competent and gradually becomes more flexible
  • you like playing Fate or Forged in the Dark games

Charge also brings new interesting ideas to the table, like a flexible progression framework and mechanics to make players want to interact with the world instead of staying still on the back-seat waiting for the best moment to act.

We hope you have fun with this, because we sure had fun writing it and playing it.

Now, let's go over what you need to play Charge.



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